comfort band


Comfort Grip Band is a soft fabric Headband used to prevent your wig from slipping - holds it very securly in place, no need to worry on a windy day!

Comfort grip offers:

  • 100% Security from slipage
  • Added comfort
  • One Size Fits All (18" ~ 24" Head Size)

How to use:
Simply wrap the band around your hairline, or wherever your wig meets the scalp, brush your hand across the 3" width of band both ways. You will find one way feels rough and one way feels smooth. You want the rough direction to face from the front to the back of your head. This provides the secure grip from the band to yoir wig. If you get it the wrong way around the wig will still move. So you will know when you have it on right.

This product is non-returnable for sanitary reasons.