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Marie-Doris Proulx

Saturday September 28, 2019


woww, this morning I received my new Estetica Preston wig in the color R14-8H ..... My God but it's a little jewelry this wig !!! It is perfect out of the box, nothing to do except shrink a little ..... the color is really beautiful .... the monofilament top is beautiful, it is really natural ..... I have several wigs that I like a lot but Preston is one of my favorite models ...... you will not regret your purchase ..... thank you very much to Gorgeous Hair and to Mrs. Liz ..... again once for the very good service and the excellent follow-up ......

Marie-Doris Proulx

Monday September 9, 2019


Hello everyone, I just received my new wig, Bellissima by Belle Tress in the color Chocolate with caramel .... Wowww ..... Very beautiful little wig, I'm not disappointed .... the hair fibers are really beautiful, the color is a little darker than I expected but it is very beautiful ..... I have to shrink it because it is a little big but other than that nothing to do to him ... .. out of the box it is fantastic ..... Very nice cut just in the middle of the neck, perfect length.... really, really a super nice little wig .... I'm really happy with my purchase. ..... I thank Gorgeous Hair, I love you and a special thanks to Liz for the excellent service .... you are the best .....

Marie-Doris Proulx

Saturday August 10, 2019


Hello everyone, I have just received my new Wig from Ellen Wille in the color mocca rooted .... wowwwww ..... what a beautiful little wig easy to wear every day ... the hair fibers are really quality .... I'm really happy with my purchase .... I was not sure of the color but it's really a very beautiful color, in the brown medium I would say with a touch of auburn spring in the light of day .... I am very happy to have discovered the website of Gorgeous Hair ..... I appreciate very much the good service and the good follow-up ..... I say a big thank you to Ms. Liz for all that ..... again thank you very much ...... :)


Saturday August 3, 2019

Québec, Lévis

Excellent service, availability and patience! Liz is fantastic! She answers all our questions and she is very understanding. Honest, she keeps track of our order which is very appreciated. Two thumbs up for Gorgeous Hair!


Wednesday July 31, 2019


Thank you so much to Liz Hall for such unbelievable customer service! I needed something, yesterday and she was able to get it to me within one day of my order. Truly a pleasure to deal with and a miracle worker!!

Marie-Doris Proulx

Friday July 26, 2019


Hello everyone, this is the first time I order Gorgeous Hair and I'm really not disappointed .... I ordered the wig Ella Henry Margu in the color 8H and I received 5 days more late .... woww very fast service .... The wig is really super beautiful, a small everyday cut easy to wear and the color is also perfect, a medium brown with warm light highlights. I am so happy. I'm going to take away only a few rows because it's a little big but that's the only thing and it's often the case for me, I measure 21 of the head ..... thank you so much to Gorgeous Hair and the lady who responded to my emails Liz ..... I'm already looking to order others .... again thank you .... Marie-Doris


Wednesday June 6, 2018

Kingston, Ontario

I am very impressed with the customer service from "Gorgeous hair wigs". Liz is incredibly helpful and I would not hesitate to purchase another wig from her. Thank you for your help and support!


Tuesday March 20, 2018


I've purchased some pieces in the past and don't have a lot of experience in this arena. Liz is always quick to respond and help in anyway she can with questions I have before completing orders. Her customer service is exceptional as I'm very particular with my purchases and usually have a million questions for her. She never ignores her customers and her service keeps me coming back when I need something new.


Wednesday August 2, 2017

Trenton, Ontario

the "Gorgeous a Hair" experience is like none other. Personal help and recommendations from Liz helped make a difficult decision easy. My wigs came and they are SO perfect and I am over the moon happy with them. Liz was patient with all my e-mails, and she really knows her products. The best place to order wigs from, period.

Natalie D

Tuesday February 21, 2017

Timmins, ON

I just ordered by fifth wig from Gorgeous Hair (Codi XO, Naomi, Limit, Julianne, and Julianne in a second colour). They all arrived on time and in great condition. Liz is always very helpful and when one wig did not fit the return was without issue. I highly recommend ordering from Liz and her team.


Saturday December 31, 2016


So pleased with my 3rd wig from Gorgeous Hair that arrived yesterday.People close to me did not even realize it was a wig.


Saturday November 19, 2016


Hi Liz I just wanted to say thank you for my beautiful hair piece! This is for sure the best piece I've come across in a while. I'm a hairstylist so I'm able to customize it myself. It looks great! So happy! (client purchased easiPart XL human hair piece)


Friday October 7, 2016


Good service from Liz, it took a week for the piece to arrive to Liz, but once she got it she sent it out right-away. I am glad I ordered the mid length because my hair isn't long, I don't need to take it to the stylist, just put it on and it works. The colour I initially wanted wasn't available so I have to go to a little lighter colour - it was different when I first put it on, now I am getting used to it as long as I colour my own hair to suit the piece. I will definitely re-order my next piece with Liz.


Friday October 7, 2016


I am currently emailing Liz multiple times again. Seems I do this with each and every purchase. Buying hair is a big investment I take seriously. Being from a small town with no shops for me to go into and look at things, I rely heavily on my email Q&A and recommendations. I have ordered about 4 times now and have always been satisfied. She is very helpful, the returns are seamless and I appreciate the time she takes to help me make my decisions. I wanted to leave this here so that others who are maybe struggling with accepting their hair loss, or are weary of online shopping could see that good service can make the process so much easier :)

Valerie Schmidt

Thursday April 21, 2016

Alberta, Canada

Just sitting down to reorder and noticed for the first time this Feedback page. Well let me tell you... I may just be pickiest wig wearer in Alberta but Liz handled me well. The wig I had purchased from her for years all of sudden went on backorder after backorder with no end in sight. Had to chose another style and we all know how hard that is to do by looking at a catalog. Wigs and Bathing Suits I swear it is so tough.... Anyway, after many exchanges, and with her caring advice we landed on Madison by Noriko in Nutmeg. I had never worn a mono top, but it is an awesome bonus. Just going to order another one today and want to shout out and say thanks to Liz, thanks so much for being a great supplier of wigs to your fellow canadians. I appreciate it very much.!

Monique Donavan

Friday January 29, 2016


Liz....I don't know what to say because THANK YOU doesn't really cut it. I've never been in happy tears before over a wig. I don't know if you have hair issues but it is one of the hardest things to go through as a woman.. I've been wearing them for 5 years and have gone through many styles. This one (Brandi by Amore) is stunning and I absolutely love it. I have never been so excited at the anticipation of any wig. In fact it has always been completely nerve-wracking! You knew what you were talking about and I completely trusted your opinion without a second thought. Your reviews speak volumes of not only your expertise and guidance but of your business acumen and integrity.


Saturday January 23, 2016

Ottawa, Ontario

I've just received my second wig from Liz and am absolutely satisfied with the two I have. If it can help, my first one I got a month ago, is from Ellen Wille. It was so real looking, my husband still can't tell when I have it on versus wearing all the extensions I used to wear daily to hide my thinning hair... not enough Hair now to wear extentions now... It is also a very comfortable cap, no one in my family knows I wear one, and I want to leave it that way! The second one I just received I actually prefer even more, it is the Angie from Jon Renau. The lace front comes down a little lower on my forhead, and feels more secure against my hairline... I might trim it back a little if I notice it showing in sunlight, but I highly doubt it will be necessary since I couldn't even see it nose against the mirror last night?! Also the hair from Jon Renau is slightly finer in texture, so closer to my own... this wig over all is also lighter in weight, the cap lighter, so more comfortable on my head than Ellen's that somewhat, although very comfortable, feels more like a hat... both are longer haired wigs... I am paranoid of it showing I wear wigs since I am in my 30s, and am now so confident wearing them, no one knows and I even get compliments on my 'gorgeous hair'... Gorgeoushair alright ;) Thank-you Liz for all your help!

Caroline Howard

Saturday January 16, 2016

Trenton, Ontario

I looked around a lot before finding Gorgeous Hair and the fabulous Liz. She's patient, helpful, kind, and gives all of her customers personal service. She recommended a colour to me that matched my own hair (when I had some) and which makes me feel like myself when I look in the mirror. TONS more brands and choices than other sites, great prices, and the most hardworking seller in the business IMHO. I wouldn't buy from anywhere else. THANK YOU Liz for the wonderful service you provide; it's really made a difference to me.

Julie Andruchow

Wednesday January 13, 2016

Casselman, On

Just purchased my first Ellen Wille "Emotions" wig. I have to say it's more amaizing than what I thought a wig could be.It's so soft and the color is so natural (Sandy Blond Rooted)Best investment to this date on a hair piece. Ordering was very simple and any inquiries were always replied back in a timely fashion.

Beata Bohac

Tuesday December 1, 2015

London, ON

THANK YOU FOR MY BEAUTIFUL 'Mandy' WIG by Estetica Design which I received yesterday! The wig is gorgeous, light & easy to wear! The cut & color are perfect also! I'm also very grateful for your efficient services & quick & caring responses to all my questions. I truly admire the way you do business! I remain with many thanks, Beata