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Multi-level, 16" one piece clip-in extension that creates easy, fashionable style without the hassle of working with several individual wefts. Short hair transforms into luxurious below the shoulder length hair. Long hair becomes thick and full. Clip-in for color, length and volume. Made from Tru2Life Heat Friendly fiber - you can curl them or straighten them - you choose! When styling Tru2Life fiber, keep your heat tools at a setting between 250-275 degrees. Do not exceed 350 degrees. Once the 16" Ombre Extension has been styled with heat tools it will not return to its original shape without additional heat styling
Colours Shown:
Pic 1-3: R0627 Hazel Ombre Pic 4: R01625 Butterscotch Ombre
Ombre colours are the latest Hollywood trend, darker hair at the top and gradually getting lighter towards the ends - most recently seen on Drew Barrymore!
Hair type:
Tru2Life Heat Friendly fiber
2 colours available - (see colour chart below, scroll down colour chart to see Ombre shades)
Length: 16" inches
Ships in 1-2 days
Salon Price: