Hello.  My name is Liz Hall and this is my blog!  Welcome!

I am a 41 year old woman and I have been married for nearly 6 years to my wonderful husband Michael.  We have a beautiful 14 month old daughter named Anya Grace.

We live in Ottawa, Ontario – CANADA.  We were living in England until summer 2007 when we moved to Ottawa, which is where I am originally from.  I went off to live in England on my own at 25 years old as I had gone to boarding school there in 1985-87, so I had friends in England and loved living there and always wanted to move back, so I did in 1994.  I never thought I would move back to Ottawa and I never thought I would have a child as I never ever wanted children, simple as that.  No interest whatsoever.  Then one day when I was 37 years old I started thinking about “do I really want to go through life never knowing what its like to be a mother”.   I discussed it with my husband and although he had always been happy for us not to have children he was open to the idea and supportive.  So we decided to have a child.  Actually trying got put off for nearly 2 years as we somewhat spontaneously decided to move to Canada in summer 2006.  We bought a house that would be built for us, so the plan was to move in summer 2007.  When we got to Canada I wanted us to build some stability before we tried for a baby.  In January 2008 we would start trying.  By April 2008 I was pregnant!  Not bad at 39 years old!  I was thrilled.  I kind of hoped for a girl and at 5 months pregnant I had an ultrasound and it was a girl!

I started my online wig business – GORGEOUS HAIR WIGS (see banner and ad on HOME page) in October 2006 in England.  When I moved to Canada I started it up here and its doing a lot better in North America than it did in the UK. I have also expanded over the past 18 months and now offer a lot more styles and colors.   I get a lot of great feedback from customers and I have regular customers too.  The wigs are genuinely “gorgeous”.    I love hair and I change my own hair often.  Sometimes I put on one of my wigs to change the color and style for a day – its great fun.  But my customers come from all walks of life and buy my wigs for a wide variety of reasons.

Finally I just want to say I love fashion, I have a weakness for dresses especially.   I have seen almost every episode of What Not to Wear and learned a lot and realized I knew a lot already too.  I don’t always agree with Stacy and Clinton tho!  I have studied fashion books for years, been to fashion museums in different parts of the world to learn about the history of fashion.  Some of friends ask me for fashion advice.  I like to think I am quite in tune with today’s trends and what goes with what and will not go out of style.

Well I think that is enough “About” me.  Hope you will enjoy my blogs as much as I will enjoy writing them!

Liz x

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