Lace Front Wigs – amazing! No glue or tape!

I get a lot of customers ask me “what does Lace Front mean?” – well Lace Front wig are usually on styles that do not have bangs.  They are for off the face styles to give you a natural realistic hairline along your hairline.  Some lace front wigs do come with a good 1-2 inches of lace sticking out of the front hairline and you do have trim off yourself – this is easy and you cut it back close the edge of the wig – leaving about 1cm sticking out to rest on your forehead.  A lot of the lace front styles by Raquel Welch and Jon Renau for example only have a tiny little piece of lace extending from the middle section of your front hairline and there are a few strands of hair attached to the lace piece – giving the illusion of hair growth from your head and it sits softly on your skin with no glue or tape.  Some of the “full lace” wigs you see on celebrities where they are wearing their hair up do require glue all the way around and these types of styles are not practical for every day wear.  But the easy to wear lace front wigs from Raquel Welch, Jon Renau, Envy, Revlon etc are great for every day wear.  Here are a couple close up images of models wearing lace front wigs and an image of the cap itself so you can see the lace piece.  Last picture is of me in Zara Lace Front wig by Jon Renau.

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