I can be a blonde whenever I want without any bleach – yeah for wigs!

Well as per my previous posts back in November I was a fully highlighted blonde and decided to go back to my natural colour, dark brown, so I could recover my badly damaged hair.  I am loving being a brunette and it does suit me so well as its natural.  After 6 months I have about 4 inches of hair that is healthy and in great condition, the rest of my hair is frizzy of course once its washed and dry.  So I have to use my hair straighteners on that part of my hair to make it look smooth.  The ends are thin and scraggly and I really should have 4 inches cut off but can’t bring myself to do that until my hair is another 4 inches longer as I love having long hair.   But a few trims a year and a couple more years and I should have long lush healthy hair again.

But I do miss being blonde sometimes especially as summer is here now.  So as I sell wigs I thought I would get a blonde wig but I needed on that would work on me and my face.  When I was blonde, only the golden blonde shades really worked on me and of course being naturally very dark I always had a bit of dark root showing at my part and the hairline by my ears.  So I knew a solid blonde wig, even a 2 or 3 shade blonde wig would not work on me. I needed a blonde wig with dark roots – thanks to Revlon I found one.  I did try a few other long blonde wigs that were blonde at the roots too and I looked odd. Revlon do selection of their wigs in what they call “progressive colours” where the roots are darker – to give a very natural look.  I wanted a long wig too.  I found the perfect wig and have fooled a few people already into thinking I have gone blonde again!  The wig is called FREELY by Revlon and the colour is called Golden Sunset.  Its a great and fast simple way to be a blonde whenever I feel like it without damaging my hair!

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