Hello world!

Welcome to Gorgeous Moms Cafe!

This is a new blog run by me – Liz.  To learn more about me personally, check out the “About” page.  So what will this blog be about you ask?  Well I am a Mom who loves fashion, has studied fashion and wants to share her passion for fashion with other Moms in my “Get Stylish” category.  I plan to give ideas and suggestions (and pictures of course!) on how to still be gorgeous and stylish and be a Mom. You don’t have to get yourself on “What Not to Wear” to change your style if you feel you are in a rut.  You can give yourself your own make-over!  It does not have to cost $5000 either!

I also run my own business from home, selling wigs and hair pieces on line and my company is called Gorgeous Hair Wig Boutique (click on link at the top of your screen to check it out).  So I want to share my knowledge of wigs and hair in my “Love Your Hair” category. I plan to talk about how finding the right hairstyle and color, whether its your own hair or a wig can make a huge difference to how you feel about yourself and your image.

My “Moms Cafe” category is where I want to share my day to day challenges of being a Mom. I may ask for feedback from my readers too!  I am 41 and have a 13.5 month old beautiful daughter.  I have found becoming a Mom at 40 can have a different set of challenges and emotions than say becoming a Mom at 25 or 30.  But some of the challenges are of course the same no matter what your age.  So “Moms Cafe” is a good place for me to express my joys and frustrations of motherhood.

Hope everyone who finds this blog will keep coming back for more!  I will try to keep it interesting and helpful!

Be back soon – have a great day!

Liz x

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One Response to “Hello world!”

  1. robinlehman says:

    Hey Liz,
    Great job – can’t wait to read more!! So glad you are doing this blog.

    Much love!!

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