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Winter is coming – time for Boots! YEAH!

The Boot – some are gorgeous, some are ugly, some are practical and some are just plain weird.  I personally love knee high pointy boots with a low stiletto heel in black, brown, red or sandy beige.  But its all about choice, comfort, personal style.  Knee high boots can go with dresses and look sexy [...]

I did it! I am a brunette!

Just a short blog today.  Update to the last one.  Went on Friday (Nov 5) and had the blonde turned into gorgeous dark chocolate brown with very subtle warm auburn low-lights.  I love it.  Had a trim so it can grow now.  Also got some extensions to clip in when I fancy long hair.  I [...]

Changing my hair color drastically – a dilemma!

Hey everyone!
Well some of you who have looked through this whole site/blog and at the “About” page and previous articles will see that I am a blonde.  Well not naturally of course, naturally I am very dark brown, almost black.  These days a few bits of gray are lurking at the roots too!  UG!  Well [...]

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