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She is growing up and talking up a storm

I am so proud of my little girl who is now 4 years old and finally talking up a storm!  She has such a personality and is funny, asks lots of questions and wants to help with everything.  I am thrilled to get to know her!  I am also envious of her gorgeous multi-shade blonde [...]

New Smile!

Well I have had crooked front teeth for years and one in particular stuck out and bothered me for over 15 years.  It was a dead tooth. Another front tooth started to stick out more in the past few years too.  So at 44 I decided I would do something about it.  I saw my [...]

I passed! I can drive by myself now!

Just a quick update – a few days ago I took my driving road test for the second time and passed no problem!  Had a very sweet gentleman as my examiner and he did not make me feel nervous – so apart from messing up my parallel park again – I did great!  Went for [...]

Happy New Year & Happy Birthday to my angel

Hello – again been way to long since I have been able to post.  Life has been overwhelmingly busy!  Christmas was busy with business but pleasantly quiet family wise.  My little girl turned 4 last week and is talking up a storm these days!  The house is now filled with Hello Kitty stuff everywhere thanks [...]

Learning to drive at 44!

Well its been a while since I wrote a blog and I have a new topic!  I am learning to drive at last – a bit late in life but finally doing it.  It was very scary to begin with as I have been a passenger my whole life.  Im not 16 and fearless.  Im [...]

Good-bye Diane – hello sweet Angel

It with sad news that I write to tell you my friend the lovely Diane Raymond, who wrote an article back in Dec 2011 called “A Battle Worth Fighting” for this blog about her battle with cancer passed away last week after a very long fight.  She is now at rest after a lot of [...]

My little girl is talking – at last!

Well its been a long haul with lots of work and a speech program but in the past couple months my little girl is finally saying sentences! YEAH!  She may not be talking in as many long sentences as other kids her age but she is doing great!  I love “let’s tickle Mummy” and when [...]

She is 28 months old and can now say 120 words+

Hey, well my little girl has improved her speech so much in just 4 months.  She has gone from 15 words to over 120 words!  In the past few days we have finally got 2 words together.  So the sentences will come in time I am sure.  Its a challenge and hard not to compare [...]

She is 2 – Oh my goodness!

Wow – where does the time go.  My little daughter turned 2 last week.  Its amazing to see this little person running around and realize that 100% the baby is gone.   Never thought that would make me a little sad but it does sometimes.  I see the baby food isle at the store and I [...]

Waiting for her to talk

Hi everyone
Sorry its been so long since my last blog.  We were away a lot and life is only beginning to settle down again now that the autumn is here.
Well my adorable little girl of course began walking on her own just after she turned 18 months.  Which was great and now I spend most [...]

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