Leopard/Animal Print – always in style!

Well its been a while since I wrote a post.  Its been a busy time.  Wig customers keeping me busy as well as my gorgeous little girl.  But I just wanted to shout out that “Leopard print is the best”!  I have 3 different types of leopard print dresses and tops.  They always look great with black accessories or dark brown depending on the print.  I recently got my daughter a leopard print dress and we our dresses together the other day – it was cute.  My favourite dress is a classic long sleeved faux wrap knee length A-line dress.  Looks awesome with black boots.  Fall is here – so get out some leopard print! I also recently got more copper put in my hair which I think goes well with the colours in my leopard print dress!

She is growing up and talking up a storm

I am so proud of my little girl who is now 4 years old and finally talking up a storm!  She has such a personality and is funny, asks lots of questions and wants to help with everything.  I am thrilled to get to know her!  I am also envious of her gorgeous multi-shade blonde hair!

New Smile!

Well I have had crooked front teeth for years and one in particular stuck out and bothered me for over 15 years.  It was a dead tooth. Another front tooth started to stick out more in the past few years too.  So at 44 I decided I would do something about it.  I saw my dentist about this 2 years ago and have been putting off for various reasons but about a week ago I had the 2 teeth (either side of the main 2 front teeth) pulled out, went really well actually.  I am now wearing a plastic set of 6 synthetic teeth/covers while my gums heal and then in about 6 weeks I will have 2 bridges put in of porcelain teeth/veneers.  But the temporary ones although feel strange – look great.  In one morning  I went from my crooked teeth to a new sparkling smile.  I now also have whitening trays to whiten the bottom teeth to match.  I look different and am still getting used to the new me.  But I am glad I did it.  Here is a before and after taken on the same day.

I passed! I can drive by myself now!

Just a quick update – a few days ago I took my driving road test for the second time and passed no problem!  Had a very sweet gentleman as my examiner and he did not make me feel nervous – so apart from messing up my parallel park again – I did great!  Went for a drive by myself of the first time yesterday – was very weird – but great!  Thankfully I also have my own car – great to finally drive it by myself.  Still a touch nervous but I know as time goes by that will ease.  Just gotta be careful of all those other crazy drivers on the road and I will be fine!

Happy New Year & Happy Birthday to my angel

Hello – again been way to long since I have been able to post.  Life has been overwhelmingly busy!  Christmas was busy with business but pleasantly quiet family wise.  My little girl turned 4 last week and is talking up a storm these days!  The house is now filled with Hello Kitty stuff everywhere thanks to Birthday & Christmas gifts.

My Gorgeous Hair Wig website is keeping me busy helping lots of wonderful new and regular customers find beautiful hair – its all good.  I took my driving test last week and failed :o ( but I was super nervous and the examiner was a big tall and rather serious, stern and intimidating guy and I let my nerves get the better of me.  Everything I did wrong I had done right just before the test with my instructor!  But I am re-taking the road test next week – hope I can pass.  So here is to wishing everyone a Happy 2013!  Filled with new adventures, challenges and happy events!

Learning to drive at 44!

Well its been a while since I wrote a blog and I have a new topic!  I am learning to drive at last – a bit late in life but finally doing it.  It was very scary to begin with as I have been a passenger my whole life.  Im not 16 and fearless.  Im 44 and full of fear!  ha ha.  But as the past few months have gone on and I’ve gotten out and driven more and more – finally it feels like “I can do this!” and I am not scared anymore.  I hope to take my road test in October and hopefully I will pass.  Can’t wait for that freedom – especially since hubby got me a car this past Christmas – so I would finally learn to drive.  Will write an update once I pass and get to drive on my own for the first time.

Good-bye Diane – hello sweet Angel

It with sad news that I write to tell you my friend the lovely Diane Raymond, who wrote an article back in Dec 2011 called “A Battle Worth Fighting” for this blog about her battle with cancer passed away last week after a very long fight.  She is now at rest after a lot of suffering.  She was a beautiful person inside and out with a strong spirit. She spoke publicly to groups about cancer and her battle. She fought against the odds for many years.  Please say a prayer for her and her family she leaves behind.  Good-bye Diane – you will be missed but we know you are watching over us now.

Leopard print – always stylish and always in fashion – but do it right!

Well I am a big fan of leopard print in clothing, handbags, etc.  But it has to be done stylishly so as not to look too much leopard or too tacky – which is easily done. An example of stylish would be an all black outfit with a leopard handbag or leopard coat.   Tacky would be a leopard coat and a leopard bag together – even if the pattern was the same! Too much – well to me anyway.  I personally find small print leopard is not as nice as the larger print.  Personal opinion though!  Here are some gorgeous leopard dresses, coats and handbags – all put together so well by celebs or on models!

Lace Front Wigs – amazing! No glue or tape!

I get a lot of customers ask me “what does Lace Front mean?” – well Lace Front wig are usually on styles that do not have bangs.  They are for off the face styles to give you a natural realistic hairline along your hairline.  Some lace front wigs do come with a good 1-2 inches of lace sticking out of the front hairline and you do have trim off yourself – this is easy and you cut it back close the edge of the wig – leaving about 1cm sticking out to rest on your forehead.  A lot of the lace front styles by Raquel Welch and Jon Renau for example only have a tiny little piece of lace extending from the middle section of your front hairline and there are a few strands of hair attached to the lace piece – giving the illusion of hair growth from your head and it sits softly on your skin with no glue or tape.  Some of the “full lace” wigs you see on celebrities where they are wearing their hair up do require glue all the way around and these types of styles are not practical for every day wear.  But the easy to wear lace front wigs from Raquel Welch, Jon Renau, Envy, Revlon etc are great for every day wear.  Here are a couple close up images of models wearing lace front wigs and an image of the cap itself so you can see the lace piece.  Last picture is of me in Zara Lace Front wig by Jon Renau.

My little girl is talking – at last!

Well its been a long haul with lots of work and a speech program but in the past couple months my little girl is finally saying sentences! YEAH!  She may not be talking in as many long sentences as other kids her age but she is doing great!  I love “let’s tickle Mummy” and when she is playing in the tunnel in her room she is giggling and saying “I love my tunnel” and she says “I love you Mummy’ !!  Best words to hear in the world!  But overall she is talking all the time and we understand her 90% of the time and she is coming out with new words and sentences every day.  The one that surprised us was the first morning she came downstairs and saw the Christmas tree and said “how did that get in the house?” !!  Too cute.  Im so proud of her and its hard to believe in less than a month she will be 3!  Now we just need to keep working with her on her communication and then perfect the potty training!  She knows what to do and has used the potty for over a year but only when I make her.  She never asks to use it – she is stubborn.  Happy to stay in Pull-Ups! But with patience and a few new things I will try in the new year I hope very soon the Pull-ups can go.  Its a lot of fun being a Mum and at 43 its a challenge at times to be imaginative and play with her at her level – but can be so fun and so rewarding when you see that big smile on her face!  Can’t wait for Christmas Day – when she opens her presents.  MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!

PS – in the photo I am wearing the Zara Wig in 6F27 by Jon Renau in the photo!

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